Then what?

If we accept “God is love” as our most basic truth of who God is, then what?  How do we accept God’s truth as our reality–so we can live it?  Probably by listening rather than talking–to God, that is–listening for that voice that says, “You are my Beloved.”  Hint–the key is in letting go of all the other competing voices.  It may be the hardest work we will ever do, but worth every bit of the effort.


About aliceatgrace

I'm the Rector at Grace Episcopal Church in Hopkinsville, KY. When I came here in August, 2011, I discovered that we have a great asset that was being under-utilized, to say the least. We have a beautiful Chartres labyrinth that was dedicated four years ago, and I decided that I would do all I could to promote the use of it. It's now just post-Easter of 2012, and, about a month ago, it occurred to me that our labyrinth is a symbol of what the future of this church is intended to be. We are people on an ongoing spiritual journey together. We like to ask questions, and we don't always have to have the answers. We are confident that God is leading us into deeper relationships--both with God and with the world around us. We invite you to "come walk with us."
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One Response to Then what?

  1. Bette White says:

    I look forward to these postings so keep ’em coming!!! Bette

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