Into the Heart of God?

Those of you who know Grace Church Hopkinsville know that we have a beautiful labyrinth, build in 2007, that is a replica of the one at Chartres Cathedral in France, built around 1201. Our Chartres labyrinth is truly a treasure for the church and the community. So, I’ve been a little disappointed that we don’t have more “regular” walkers. But, at the same time, I understand–because, for most of us, it takes quite a few times of walking the labyrinth to “get it.” And, before we “get it”–whatever that means for us–the walking can feel like a chore–something we want to get behind us. Early this summer I had my first “got it” experience.  For me, it was the day that I was entering the labyrinth and rather suddenly had the awareness that I was truly on a path into the heart of the Divine–the Sacred–the Holy.  It was that day when I knew that I was walking into the heart of God!  And, when I reached the center, I wanted to stay there for a long time and soak it in.  That day I knew that being in the heart of God is not simply positive thinking. It is not simply an affirmation. It is a reality–a reality that is both mind-boggling and heart-boggling. Your “get it” may be different from mine. God comes to each of us in the way that we can uniquely receive God. But, for most of us, it takes time and effort. Come walk with us!


About aliceatgrace

I'm the Rector at Grace Episcopal Church in Hopkinsville, KY. When I came here in August, 2011, I discovered that we have a great asset that was being under-utilized, to say the least. We have a beautiful Chartres labyrinth that was dedicated four years ago, and I decided that I would do all I could to promote the use of it. It's now just post-Easter of 2012, and, about a month ago, it occurred to me that our labyrinth is a symbol of what the future of this church is intended to be. We are people on an ongoing spiritual journey together. We like to ask questions, and we don't always have to have the answers. We are confident that God is leading us into deeper relationships--both with God and with the world around us. We invite you to "come walk with us."
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1 Response to Into the Heart of God?

  1. Cheryl Lake says:

    I have walked your labyrinth many times. While in Louisville LPTS offered a class with Robert Ferre and it was an awesome experience learning about the history of the Chartres labyrinth from him. I have found that each trip through your labyrinth has been a spiritual journey and enlightening in so many different ways. Thank you so much for providing such a lovely and relaxing spot for us here in Hopkinsville.

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